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We have recently fixed some bugs with the login procedure and cleaned up the maps sections which were causing a few errors due to an upgrade in Google Maps V3. Members have also added a number of new locations so make sure to check out what is new in your area!

Here at Atlasaur our main goal is to make it really easy for you to find adventure. To that end we want to have an awesome website full of the best places for you to go hike, paraglide, surf, bike, kayak and everything else. And we want to reward the people that help create that: you! So we're going to start a few competitions and have prizes for the winners. Some examples are the highest voted adventures of the week, the most exceptional votes, and more. We'll be starting this soon and wanted to see if you have ideas for competitions, who better to get input from than our fellow adventurers? Just post here or email!

Dec 31, 2012

Atlasaur in Full Swing

So now that the beta is over we are in full swing. We've seen some cool locations added in the central NC area and some in areas outside of the Triangle as well. It is awesome to see all of the locations where there is adventure to be had in North Carolina and I'm excited to find more!

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